22 April 2005

A Better IM Client

I've been doing the IM thing on and off over several years now, first starting with an early beta of ICQ (yes, *WAY* before AOL bought Mirabilis out), then using AIM for a while when ICQ became bloated to all hell and ridden with spam. Lately, it's been Yahoo--er, sorry Y! ;)--messenger. I've tried the Trillian client a couple of times. It used to crash, so I gave up on it then. Now it seems stable, but on my laptop, which currently has just 256MB of RAM it is proving to be too much of a resource hog. Time to get rid of the pig! Enter Miranda IM. Out of the box the 0.4 release supports AIM, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN, and the Yahoo network. More than enough for my needs. Did I mention that the download is less than a MEG? Right now it's running and using just 8MB. Not too shabby for a reasonably complex windows application in my book.


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