18 April 2005

The First Post

I figured it'd be a good idea to ring off on a positive note so I'll espouse on a good online customer service experience.

I ordered a roof rack last night from The Rack Warehouse. Just a few hours ago I got a plesent email that had the aura of actual human writing that explained that one of the parts was out of stock, when it would be in stock, and what would I like to do about it. I replied, stating that I wasn't really in a hurry, and to just make sure that I eventually would recieve all the parts. Suprise Suprise. I got a reply the next time my email client checked for mail that stated that they'd ship one big shipment with everything when the backordered part arrived.

People--yes, you who has an Internet business!--is it really this hard to provide this excelent level of customer service? Why is it, countless other times, I've had to fight, tooth and nail, to even get the correct product delivered? We'll find out soon enough if The Rack Warehouse comes through and everything is in order but they've already raised themselves above quite a number of businesses.


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